4 Reasons To Book Your Holiday With Direct Debit

Did you know that you can pay for your holiday by direct debit?

By simply setting this service up, you have even longer to pay off your holiday, plus it’s completely automatic making it an easy way to pay for your next holiday.


1. Low monthly payments with 0% interest 

Setting up a direct debit to pay for your holiday allows you to pay for it in smaller chunks, making it more affordable for you. You’ll be able to secure that fantastic deal straight away, rather than having to wait.


2. Final payment due 6 weeks before departure

In most cases, you’re required to pay the balance of your holiday 14-16 weeks before departure. When paying via direct debit, the final payment isn’t due until 6 weeks before departure; giving you even more time to pay off your holiday.

Why choose direct debit?

3. Completely automatic

When you set up a direct debit, we will automatically collect the amount agreed on the same date each month, so you don’t have to worry about missing any payments


4. You’re in control

You can choose the number of instalments you wish to make, and you can always clear your balance at any time before the 6 weeks should you wish to. 

It really is that simple when it comes to booking your next holiday!

Simply book with a deposit, sometimes as low as just £60pp and then your payments will automatically be collected, meaning the only thing you need to focus on is counting down the days until you board the plane.

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